Book Cover Image of I Disappeared Them: A Novel by Preston L. Allen

I Disappeared Them: A Novel
by Preston L. Allen

    Publication Date: Apr 02, 2024
    List Price: $27.95
    Format: Hardcover, 304 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781636141619
    Imprint: Akashic Books
    Publisher: Akashic Books
    Parent Company: Akashic Books

    Hardcover Description:

    A serial killer’s desire to protect children fuels a parallel drive to murder other sadistic men in this immersive and literary psychological thriller.

    Bullied as a child for being overweight and an orphan, the serial killer in I Disappeared Them hides in plain sight. By day, he is an affable family man with a disarming smile, surrounded by his children and loving wife. At night he punches the clock as a hard-working pizza man. After work, he roams Miami’s nighttime streets as the Periwinkle Killer, the sociopath passing judgment on the wicked according to a twisted moral code. He believes himself to be a defender of women and children. The Everglades is filling up with the corpses of his victims. He must be stopped, but there are no clues except the periwinkles he leaves at every crime scene.

    I Disappeared Them is a brutal, boy meets girl love story that delves into the Periwinkle Killer’s childhood to confront the age-old question, is a serial killer designed or destined? Like Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho and Joyce Carol Oates’s Zombie, Preston L. Allen’s immersive narrative hauntingly occupies the peculiar psychological landscape of a murderer.